Thanks for Reading


The novel has reached its end. It has been quite the amazing endeavor, and while I would like to deliver a heartfelt retelling of its origins and all the things that had to happen, the people that had to encourage me, to finish it, but you do not want to read for so long.

I merely want to thank you and then direct you to what the future holds. And one simple request.


Thank you for supporting me, and specially thank you if you indeed read the whole of it :). While it’s far from being my best work due to how much its beginnings have aged, I believe it will be a long while until I write an ending quite so fitting and natural. It really was my favorite part to write, I cried during the experience :).

Please, if you have read the whole novel, I would love to hear your thoughts. Send me a message through here or even e-mail me at hugo.damas(at)gmail. I’d really appreciate it.

The Future of Shadow Conclave.

I will be posting special illustration of each of the main cast all throughout the rest of May and June, depending on how long the artists take to complete them. After that, I will reorganize the posts somewhat. After that, the only post I’ll make is when Shadow Conclave has been published as a fully revised and edited novel so that it’s up to par :). This should happen in 2018. I plan to release it in two parts.

The Future of Kuzcopia

I have already created a site for my next webnovel. You can find it here:

I have prepped to have much better art support for this project. It is a very different style of writing and storytelling, and it will be a much better read. The story will be a lot more relatable and will surprise you with how well it’s told and how it develops. I hope to see you there. I will start publishing in early June, real life issues depending. (I always say that but they never stop me :))

My Writing.

Right now, you can get a hold of my first published novel, By Fear Defined. All that have read it have told me the worst part of it is the synopsis. The response has been good beyond that and I urge you to try, especially if you like my work here. You can find it at

As always, I’m publishing short stories every now and again. I want to start posting more in the future and I will. Until then, I’m posting installments on a novelette based on a comic I wrote/write for that’s a lot less fiction and fantasy that I am want to do.


Folow me @kuzcopia on twitter. I post some #adultlifethings now and again but it’s mostly all official updates of my writing work.


And that’s it :). Nothing but art to come after this. Thank you again so very much and hope to see you around.


Your storyteller,



News about the updates in the following weeks.


I’ve had to move apartments. I tried my best to take care of internet change in advance but did not have enough luck on that.
Updates should still happen on schedule if my last resort is still a-go. But if it’s not, then that’s why.

I’ll find a way to still update every weekend at least. I’ll compensate with a bulk of updates then, if I can’t manage during the week. They will be delayed this week but starting next weekend, they’ll be in advance.

Thank you.


Your Storyteller,


News – Resuming Good size of Updates / Patreon.

Hello hello, Kuzcopia here.

So these last few updates, concerning the Mad Genius, have been a bit on the shorter side. That’s due to real life issues coupled with efforts to finish a few projects that I hope will support my writing in general, but also Shadow Conclave itself. Standard size of updates will be resumed starting Thursday when I wrap up the Mad Genius’s chapter we’re on.

Now, I’ve officially launched my Patreon site, and I have published a book that I wrote. I invite you to watch the video about where I talk about every detail about it and what else I will be doing as a writer:

Relevant links all in the description!


I will follow this post with the acknowledgement walls that I mention in my patreon. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading, I hope you’re enjoying Shadow Conclave.


Your Storyteller,

No Updates next week (20-25/6/2016)

Heyo, here is Kuzco. o/

I’ll be out for most of the week so I’m taking the whole of it for a break.

Meanwhile, I’m putting up a poll so I can browse reader impressions of the several protagonists. I know there’s only a handful of y’all but hey, thank you so much and if you could take the time to quickly vote, that would be awesome. Even a handful will help.

Take care and have a great week!

ps. Don’t vote if you haven’t read a bit, please, that will only help me know which char art you like most and that’s not helpful 🙂


No updates next week.

I don’t care about new years’ though, so just a one week break.


Hope you enjoy your own holidays if you’re lucky enough to have them. Be well and take care in either case.

And thanks for reading 🙂