News – Resuming Good size of Updates / Patreon.

Hello hello, Kuzcopia here.

So these last few updates, concerning the Mad Genius, have been a bit on the shorter side. That’s due to real life issues coupled with efforts to finish a few projects that I hope will support my writing in general, but also Shadow Conclave itself. Standard size of updates will be resumed starting Thursday when I wrap up the Mad Genius’s chapter we’re on.

Now, I’ve officially launched my Patreon site, and I have published a book that I wrote. I invite you to watch the video about where I talk about every detail about it and what else I will be doing as a writer:

Relevant links all in the description!


I will follow this post with the acknowledgement walls that I mention in my patreon. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading, I hope you’re enjoying Shadow Conclave.


Your Storyteller,

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