The Gloves are Off (21.1) The Mad Genius



Falk was pretty happy as he woke up in the one bedroom apartment he had stayed overnight. The invigoration he had gotten out of shooting a beast dead through its yet-inexplicably tough hide showed no signs of diminishing. Even with the full week that had passed since it occurred, he was still feeling its effects, boosting his confidence and his appetite for action and more success.

“Oh? I hear you stirring in there, Mr. Goldschmidt.”

And for other things, as well.

“A mighty endeavor indeed, considering how the night went,” he playfully suggested, holding a smile that had more to do with what was about to happen than about what had happened. Amanda, not really aware of his thoughts – because who is? – laughed away at her misinterpretation.

“Oh, darling, you always manage to light such a fire in me.”

He abandoned the comforts of his bed while putting his ocular enhancements. He grabbed his coat off the hanger near the room’s exit, having already put his pants on. He was going to have to leave expediently, after all.

“I’m cooking your favorite breakfast, here.”

She was in the kitchen, standing over a frying pan with her back turned to him, because that was where the entrance to the room was located. That was, after all, one of the reasons he had picked that room. Another one being it was situated on the second floor, too high to climb easily, low enough one could jump out and survive. Certainly her.

“Glorious,” he replied from the door, so she knew he was there.

Then there was the wood that made up the building, and particularly the corridor. Because of it, Amanda’s insurance could not be close enough to put Falk in any legitimate danger, lest he hear them. Additionally, there was an exit leading to the floor below that he had made himself and hidden under the bed.

He looked her up and down, admiring her figure which was highlighted by both the sun, which was rising outside the window in front of her, the marvelous smell of her food that was carried over to him by the breeze coming from said window.

Why he had decided to wait until that morning to carry out his plan? Selfishness, of course. Despite her misgivings, such as being a lying traitorous manipulative pyromaniac, she was the only human being that had brought him joy and pleasure in the past. Fun, funny and making meals like his father used to, it was really the purely selfish desire to experience those things one final time that had led him to wait.


Judging the timing, he lifted his mechanical arm, pointing towards her.

Of course, there were other reasons why she had her guard down, besides the obvious two. The first one being the small group of her men standing by – none of which he had physically seen or otherwise noticed but that he knew for certain were there – and the second being the canister of hairspray that she was holding out of his view – again, he couldn’t see it but it was absent from where he had happened to have left it, lying on the window sill just in front of her – but mainly, there was the fact she knew him well enough to know he wasn’t the type to just straight up shoot her in the back. She knew that if Falk knew about her, he would capture her in one piece so he could tell her just how much of a failure she was for even thinking she could beat him. She knew she would be given time for her insurances to matter.

She was right, of course. But she was also paranoid and incapable of keeping up with his intellect.

The sound of his wrist-pistol cocking readiness would convince her she had been wrong about him. Amanda immediately turned, her face contorted into crazed terror, hairspray in one hand, lighter switched in the other.

She really was so quick working that thing, it was quite remarkable. The Mad Genius shoved his mechanical hand, still raised and open-palmed, to hug the orifice of the spray can an inch from actually fully blocking it. He half closed the hand as the flame ignited, so it would direct mostly back onto her.


Being still in her night-clothes, the fire immediately caught onto her skin and hair and she leaned back, and stepped back, and convulsed back for good measure. Her hand went for support and landed on the frying pan, burning itself severely.


Falk knew she was shrieking so her backup would hurry, but they wouldn’t be in time. He grabbed her and flung her away from him, next to another window that the kitchen had, intending for her to stand her ground there, even if she collided with it violently.

She did so, breathing hard and slapping the flames on her away, or trying to.  Meanwhile, her voice was no longer fun and funny. It was shocked and enraged.

“What’re you…why?”

He engaged his pistol and aimed at her. He could do it right then, but his revenge would be half met. No, betrayal was worth much more than a few seconds of pain.

Without saying anything, he shot her.

In reaction, her body bounced against the window and fell back two stories. He didn’t stick around to confirm the fall, already knowing how luck would have it that she would actually land on a bunch of trash, which happened to be drenched in alcohol and other flammable liquids…

Steps thundered towards the apartment as he made his way back to the bedroom. Yells came from outside, Amanda’s screams, as Falk marched quickly and flung the bed over itself.

Such a bad neighborhood, right, Amanda?

He counted to two and then jumped, crashing through the floor at the same time as the door to that apartment was busted through by Amanda’s men.

Falk landed and dusted himself off in front of a very startled group of lovers who, by the relief on their faces, were both cheating on someone. He walked out towards the door.

“There’s a hole in the bedroom!”

Yes, there is.

“Go go! Catch him! I’ll go help the boss!”

Indeed, the yelling was still going on, even if more subsided from his point of hearing due to the windows in that apartment being closed.

That’s not a good idea, simpletons.

He casually closed the door behind him while tapping his mechanical leg, which made it open a compartment. He took a mine, placed it in front of the door, middle of the corridor, and walked away.

By the time he reached the end of the corridor, about to turn right to reach the stairs, the explosion sounded out, followed by screams. All the doors opened pretty much instantly, just as he started to descend.

He didn’t run or rush as he walked amidst a half-fleeing crowd of lovers and suspicious individuals, all of which didn’t want to stick around when the place was about to get attention. Oh, and because there was a bomb, that might have been a factor to some of them.

One thing was for sure, Amanda’s men had lost him, and Amanda herself would survive. Burnt, scarred, and with the maddest, most ravenously corrupting rage one can imagine. She would, in due time and given the opportunity, come for him with a vengeance. Ruthlessly and violently.


It would be on that day, which would come rather soon, that Falk would fulfill his revenge and put an end to her and the rest of the LBA.

There was no more mister nice mad scientist. The Don was dead, the beasts were three countries away from owning the entire world. His enemies would die, all of them.

According to his plans.




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