Web Of Powers (9.6) The Don



He exited the car, promptly followed by the twins.

Serratore’s men weren’t happy about that, their stance turned belligerent and threatening.

“Get out of here.”

“We’re not telling you twice.”

“You get out of my way, see?” the Don barked back without a flinch of hesitation, walking on, “I’m here to talk to Donna, not you.”

“You’re dead to her,” one of them said.

“You’ll be dead to everybody, you keep walking,” the other one added.

“Times’re changing, boys, go ahead and shoot, there’s room in the graveyard for everyone: you, your families, even Donna.”

“You’re insane,” one of them commented. The other was silent, reaching for his gun, clearly the only one of them with the courage to shoot.

Time for a gamble. The Don scoffed at the comment and kept walking.

The man hesitated. Lazaros eyed him, looked him in the eye and forced him to give up and look down. The Don smiled and blew out smoke in his face.

“Don’t worry, I know how to work a door. Let Donna know I’m coming up to see her.”

He opened the large door himself and walked inside. The twins were still not happy about the whole thing, they probably felt Lazaros was gambling with their life.

“I know how it looks but I’m here too, see?” The twins seemed to relax, as far as fear was concerned. “If we don’t do this, there’ll be a war. I’m tryin’ to avoid that but still, it’s possible we might have to shoot our way out.”

“Not too many o’ them here.”

“On account of the hours,” Lazaros pointed out, “and probably in reaction to my people mobilizing. Heh, mobilizing, like we’re some kinda army.” They weren’t, they were much more impactful and influential.

Much like Celio, Donna did not look like she had wrested herself away from the bed. She was dressed in a dark suit: long wide skirt and sleeves. She looked slimmer than she was while also seeming bigger than she was.

“Of all the antagonizing things you could do, Infeperio, you force your way into my home?”

“How else would you see me?”

“I’ll see you dead,” she coldly stated.

“You say that like you decided it now,” he squinted his eyes accusingly, he was referring to the ambush she had set on him.

She pretended not to get it.

“Put out your cigar immediately, there’s no smoking in my house.”

He frowned, tasting the cigar in his mouth. He hesitated.

“Fine—“ He lifted a hand as a gesture of good will. He grabbed the cigar and threw it out the window. That was his last one.

“That was my last one,” he sounded way more dangerous than he had meant to, even though his mood had indeed plummet. Considerably. About as fast as the cigar had, outside.

She received him in an office of sorts but it was much smaller than Celio’s and with a lot of furniture surrounding the desk she was standing next to.

“Celio’s backing me.”

She wasn’t surprised.

“You’re both fools,” she squinted her eyes, “coming here like this? He’s backing you, Lazaros, not your family. I’ll just kill you right now.”

“Maybe Celio changes his mind then, yes. Maybe the other Dons, too, maybe. But not my family. You’ll still have a war on your hands, see?”

“Well, so be it.”

There were two men behind Lazaros. The twins had been forced to give up their guns but the important thing was that they were at each of his sides and between him and the two guards.

“Damn, Donna, why? I won’t treat you badly, I respect you, see? And I want your council. Why are you so stubborn about this?”

“You are an ignoble man who has shown me no respect or consideration. Or to the other Dons. You think highly of yourself but you’re the lowest of the low. ”

He frowned. He disrespected her? She’d been the one patronizing and belittling him all day.

“How much respect do you think you’re owed when you treat me like a child? When you tell me to bend to you even though I have all the backing and all the power?”

Her lips trembled with anger, with words she wanted to say but wouldn’t, words that would look to kill him.

She finally did it.

“Kill them.”

Her men hesitated but Lazaros didn’t. He told the twins “You heard her,” and then lunged. The twins turned on the two men with pistols while Lazaros grabbed hold of a very shocked Donna. Even in that circumstance, even if they did turn on and overpowered her men, it never crossed her mind that she would be attacked.

“WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?!” A shot was fired and grunts of pain followed. He grunted too, with rage. Unleashed. “HUH? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME? DO YOU THINK YOU’RE UNTOUCHABLE?!?”

She stood, looking on unafraid. He grabbed her head and slammed it on the desk.

He brought it back and it looked utterly shocked – not to say bruised.


He spun around to use her as a meat-shield just in case the brothers hadn’t succeeded but they had indeed, they were both kicking the other two’s heads while brandishing the pistols they had just stolen out at the hallway, to supposedly keep others out.

She now had her back to the door, neck in his grasp, eyes watering.

“You think I’ll kill you? What do I look like, a pig?” He back-handed her. “You think I’ll torture you? What am I? The Government?” He pushed her so she’d fall on the ground. This hurt her more than it usually would have on account of her old body.

He heard one of the twins snicker, followed by a shot out into the hall. They were holding others back but he tried to pay no attention to that. He pointed down at her and went full on mad threatening, allowing his rage to completely consume him to the point here he could do and say those things to a grandmother.

“I will drag you over to your husband’s grave, See? And I will hurt you there. I promise I’ll make you puke over his grave. And more! I’ll make you puke and more – all over the old fool’s bones, see? Maybe then you’ll realize you’re not some untouchable queen, some virtuous, holy lady or some kinda honorable dignitary – you think you’re beyond danger? In the MAFIA?”

More shots sounded out but she was clearly focused on him and what he was doing. She feared for her life, but more than that, for his promises coming true. She believed in his threats.

She was broken. She had been untouchable for decades upon decades and that had made her lose touch with the one thing the Don had always known. It was his life.

His whole body gestured in unstoppable unmeasurable raging threat as he put all his muscles into producing his voice, booming it as powerfully as he had ever done.


She looked pale. The shots went silence and he felt the entire estate had shivered frightened. Donna was completely pale, it seemed her blood had stopped circulating for the few seconds it took another gunshot to shiver her back into real life. The soldiers recovered first.

“Tell your men to stop,” he commanded, pointing at the door, “right now.”

She was shocked, her nervous system was overloaded trying to handle the amount of emotional pressure the Don had dropped on her like an anvil.

It took her a few seconds to react but she did. Her face suddenly darkened with understanding, with terror, and she turned around.

“STOP!” She yelled desperately, “STOP SHOOTING AT YOUR DON!”

He was too consumed by fury, too into his overwhelming presence to even be properly happy. Instead, he stomped his foot down in very impatient gratitude.

“Finally!” He pointed right at the door, catching sight of one of her soldiers, who was peeking just then. “That’s right!”

He grinned victoriously, but due to all the anger, threateningly. His eyes seemed eager to eat anyone who would look at them. In his happiest moment, he looked the most dangerous he had ever looked and that really was appropriate because it was was what had gotten him there.

Lazaros had done it. He had become the Don of Dons. Boss of Bosses.

Nothing nor no one would stop the Infeperio family from controlling the whole country.




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