Rise of the Unknown (0.1) The Shadow



A lone horse-rider approached the edge of the cliff. The horse was black, as was the man’s cloak and hood. He had finally gotten over the mountainous hills that surrounded the city.

He could see it in the distance, the center to that entire region… even through the eerie mist that enveloped it that night, faint lights still peered through…glowing in the otherwise pitch blackness.

Few locations in the world sported electricity, but only one had succeeded to implement it at a city scale, and that was Prusnia, capital city of the free kingdom of Pirosia, the richest in the free world. And for all those reasons, the prime target for thieves.

Especially of world renown. Specially of his kind.

From under the cloak, the man retrieved a closed parchment. He opened it and said the words to activate it, all the while keeping his eyes on the city, noticing how the mist was intensifying and gradually thickening.

“Aicinia otatoc.”

He looked down at the once blank parchment to find a new sentence written into it in the familiar handwriting of his handler and informer.

Have you arrived?

The figure drew upon a quill. He wrote the reply in his own handwriting, despite the fact its tip was dry.


Is the mist in place?

As reported. Visibility will be scarce inside the city.

There are news. Expect two competitors: Dark Runner, Sorcerer.

I understand. More information?

Sorcerer approaches from the east. Dark Runner yet eludes. One scout silent in the north.

I will be making my approach from the south, he thought to himself in silence, so I should not meet with any one of them until I am near the palace.


Kagekawa must always stand superior. As Shadow, you cannot leave the city with any less profit than the others.

I understand. I will contact you once I have returned safely out of Prusnia’s sensor field.

Skill and honor be with you, Shadow.

Glory to the Kagekawa.

The man nodded in agreement, writing one last sentence before closing the scroll.

Glory to the Clan.

He was The Shadow, 23rd of his name, a world renowned thief affiliated with the Kagekawa clan. Arguably the best thief in the world, he would now be forced to face two others bearing such walk of fame, to prove that he was the best of them.

He did not know the origin of the mist, and as he breathed in, focusing and concentrating, he couldn’t help but feel an ounce of dread and foreboding tragedy emanating from it. But then, that was the environment that most benefited a thief.

Most of all the Shadow.



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